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Sunday, December 13, 2009

10-12 december

Went out with the girls to Midvalley on Thursday since there wasn't any lessons.
The girls are Audrey, KahLian, PeiYin, KaiXin and Sophia.
We were supposed to celebrate Kahlian's advanced birthday but felt that it was a tad to early so it became a normal girls outing. tee-hee~ Had lunch at NaNDo's since it's the only time we'll oblige to KahLian's wish of eating there.

With the ever smiling girl, my vain other half :)

KaiXin's kiddy meal that isn't filling for the tummyAfter our meal, we watched Couple's Retreat. A comedy show that's not bad but I think we can just download and watch it at home. But it's a good show to watch with great company where you can share your laughter ;)

After that, we do what normal girls do:- shop OR at least window shop. xD plus taking pictures (a must!)

Show your white pearly teeth :D
Group pic with nice deco but zero clarity
Saw a nice jacket at Zara but it cost RM139! Expensive much~ Was contemplating whether to get it but had to leave after that. Boo-hoo~

Hot driver who fetched us back and forth. pee-wit~
While people at the back being vain ^^V

P.S: I have excluded other pictures where some/all of us look slightly hideous.Last group pic to show everyone.

Had Malaysian Studies, the lecturer was interesting so it's all fine for me. Had Malay dance practise after that, Farrah taught us *grins* she's so lemah lembut and all that while Sophia and I were like...bulls?! Sibeh clumsy and rough *blames our Chinese culture* (applying knowledge learnt from Malaysian Studies)

After that, Headed off to Midvalley AGAIN! With Audrey and Sophia this time. Soph drove us there but no parking so drove all the way back to Vista. Then we had to ride LRT there. Man~ the KTM takes ages to arrive till you can hear our stomach grumble (or at least mine)

While waiting for the LRT, time to *click click*
Think I took the picture too high with gap at the top
Soph looks taller than me!
Say cheese
Guess where we ate?Another smile for the cameraFifi yang comel. LOVE that girl~ Will explain more later ^^Oh yea, to show what I have bought from the two days.
Pretty, ain't it? and its PINK. I have no idea why I'm obsessed with decorative hair ornaments nowadays.

Wokeup early *yawn yawn* this morning to work part time at IMU as an usherer since there's a Stem Cell Therapy Seminar. People pay RM550 just to attend that two day course! All for the sake of knowledge; like I said, everything comes with a price. Moving on, we were suppose to work from 8-10am but we sorta stop working at 9.15am and were allowed to have free breakfast. We are gonna get paid RM10 for it, kinda worth it for the short time.

And by we, I meant Kelly, Sophia, MarJie, SzeYee, QianHui and I. Do correct me if I have mis-spelled anyone's name. Headed home, cooked and ate lunch. Rested. Then Johnson came over at 5pm and fetched Audrey, Amos and I to CHC ( City Harvest Church). Had dinner then came back home at 9+pm. Time seriously flies~

And, me love Fifi cause she managed to get my jacket that was sold out at Midvalley, she found it at 1U :D hip-hip-hooray~ My hero!!!

Stay tuned for Colour Me Corby (which I have a feeling I'm not gonna win but am gonna join for fun, no harm trying right?)

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