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Sunday, December 6, 2009


long post ahead, continue reading at your own free time and will

Based on the title, what comes to your mind? That long, yellow fruit that you can buy from any pasar or supermarket.


I'm not talking about the yellow fruit below thats does wonders for your health, clears your bowel, prevent constipation and yadda yadda.
Nor am I referring to a specific male anatomy (which everyone knows and shall not be said) that is usually compared to the fruit above in terms of its size or shape.Yellow outside, white inside.
I'm talking about the one below.
Yes, that vain-ass banana with a pink camera.

Yellow skin outside aka Chinese yet inside, white like the angmos.

There are different degrees of banana-nessity. (self claim, hence only in my dictionary)

1. Zero knowledge about Chinese (Mandarin and dialects)

2. Understands Mandarin but speak in a funny accent due to banana-nessity. Just like me, so prefer not to speak where possible to embarass myself

3. Knows nothing about Mandarin but can speak in a certain dialect eg. Cantonese

4. Can speak Mandarin (eventhough there is the banana accent) well but can't read/write

There are both pros and cons of being a banana. The only advantage I can think of is that bananas are assumed to have a good command in English, which is true for most bananas. However, there are the minority good-for-nothing bananas like myself who is not eloquent with any languange so better dig my own hole and bury my head like an ostrich.

On the other hand, the list of bad points can really pile up.
Firstly, it's kinda, no wait... make that SUPER embarassing not to know one's own mother tongue. People will usually wonder how parents teach their children etc.

Secondly, people can make fun of you in Chinese and then you only can show them that blur look on your face. Meaning, people can just mock you in your face without you realizing.

Thirdly, learning an additional language never harms anyone. It's like an extra key to open another door. You get to communicate with more people hence increasing your circle of friends and gaining more acquaintances.

Besides that, one NEEDS to know Chinese (be it Mandarin or the various dialects) to be able to cope well in certain countries like China, Taiwan and even our dear Malysia especially when you go to hawker stalls.

But I'd opt not to be in my shoes although am to paiseh to speak in Mandarin due to my banana-nessity accent. Hence, I'm still stuck in that same level of being incompetent in my own mother tongue. Boo for me~
Note to self: I've got to get outta my comfort zone and START LEARNING somehow. Must be thick skin! Say only but don't know when will start learning. Sigh~


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And a big thanks to KaiXin for teaching me how to add links. (Yes I know that am a noob at this blogging thing ok) and a big thank you (yet no thanks at the same time) to Audrey (Order-e) for teaching me Hakka, a bit better than nothing. (yet always bully me coz I noob at Mandarin)

Ok, I've come to an end of my rant all about Banana-nessity and also feeling super emo, dumb and useless by the minute.

Please share you opinions by clicking 'leave a comment' below. Thanks :) will love to read them.

And on a side note,

Happy Birthday to WeiRen and KhengKai. I know you both are enjoying in Penang with the rest while am stuck here in KL being emo as a banana xD


  1. Evil =.=...then better don't mention my name lah...called me ORDER-E somemore " horrible...ish...then learn speaking in Mandarin with us...must try like Kah Lian...hahaha xD

  2. u're welcome wf! =) as i said, dun have to be emo. at least u can understand. there're many ppl out there who cant speak/read//write mandarin. english is still the most important language! =D and audrey's right! say it out loud. pracice makes perfect! =D btw, ur banana pics make me hungry. my house ran out of bananas d. hahaha!

  3. LOL i hate eating bananas. hm...say out loud ah, wait har...wait long LONG ah

  4. Hmm... it is more than the command of language, it is also measured from the understanding, and perhaps, the practise of culture.

  5. haha. watch more chinese movies with english/malay subtitles. i think it helps! XD