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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Old Trafford- Home of ManU

Any ManU fans out there?
I'm here to bring you on a blog tour of
Manchester United's Old Trafford
Also known as the Theatre of Dreams

Just incase you don't believe, here is my cert to prove I was there.

Don't you feel excited already?
Now thank me for bringing you on this virtual tour :P
Ok, don't wanna be a drag so on with the pictures :)
Where the VVIP sits

It's starting to get cold so let's head indoors to view the galleries, the trend of jerseys over the years and the trophies they have won.

In memory of those who died in the Munich plane crash in 1958.
At the top right of the picture below shows a plaque in memory of the Munich air disaster with two bouquets of flowers at the side which are changed on a regular basis.

Now, the exciting bit. the changing and resting room of the home team. Ok la, only took picture with Rooney's jersey in the dressing room since there wasn't enough time and lotsa people.
This is where Beckham was claimed to have met Victoria Posh Spice.

Sir Alex Ferguson's 25 years being in charge of the club.

Hehe, mandatory picture in front of the stadium with my shop loot.
It was dark at 5pm as you can see, winter is coming!

Ending this post adruptly with Sir Alex Ferguson's famous quote.


  1. WOAHHHHH this is that one place many football crazies wanna be at wei.


  2. kuok surely very jealous of you la.. =P