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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween House Party- Advanced

Ok guys, now that you kinda know what to expect from planning to attending a basic Halloween party (that was planned last minute), let's move on to a more advanced stage.

Finger foods :)
After all it is a party, not a dinner or potluck event. Don't get me wrong, I love to attend events with lotsa food involved but think of it this way, if everyone all ate before they went and just go there to munch on some finger food, then they have more time to mingle ;)

Decorations, the spookier the better hence I prefer the previous :P

Drinks for an extra OOMPH
and not forgetting, the perfect lighting to give all pictures a spooky effect :)

Now put on your costumes and makeup, whether you wanna be extra spooky and super trashy, your choice.
Gangster vs Police

Wanna see more pics?
Let me know with an AYE and off it goes to Facebook :P

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  1. Fuiyoh ! Cool gangster ! i want to see more photo ! Faster post ! =D