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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homemade Western Cuisine

How would you feel when you were treated to Western Cuisine that is homemade yet taste even better than those in high class restaurants??

Right after class on Monday, Audrey and I waited for Karyn to come pick us up from our place. I was nomming on 3 packets of cheese crackers while waiting for her and Allen to arrive.

In the car, we had New York cheesecake dusted with aromatic cocoa powder prepared by Allen.
Soft in the middle, crumbly at the bottom.
We went straight to Karyn's house where this CHC's chef below start to work his magic in the kitchen. Sadly, none of us girls helped him but just watched and cheered in silence. xD

There you can see him preparing the first main course:
Bolognaise Pasta with bacon on top.
He used many ingredients for the sauce I kinda lost count. This coming from a person who heats the spaghetti sauce from of a can and calls it "cooking".
The pasta were cooked for an exact amount of time till al dente.
Needless to say, the food tastes as good as it looks.
While he prepared our "late lunch", us girls do what we (or maybe it's just me) know best,
camwhore in front of any available mirror!
Mr. Chef then prepared the Tomato Bruschetta. Pictures from left to right shows the steps in order to prepare your own bruschetta in chronological order. It's pretty self explanatory; cut bun, stir fry mushroom, prepare tomato toppings, put everything on bread including cheese and dump it in the oven.

I remember him asking us to "slice the submarine loaf" but I was being all hesitant
"What if I slice it all with different width? What if I accidentally squash the bun and made it out of shape? What if I ruined the bun and spoiled the supposedly perfect meal we were gonna have? What if, what if, what if"
so none of us slice it in the end.
The same thing happened when we were asked to shred the cheese.
So, poor Allen had to do it all alone.
Next comes the Wine Beef. Prepare the gravy filled with wine, rosemary, bay leaves, garlic, salt and loads of sugar! Seasone the piece of meat. Then grill/fry for exactly 5min (timed using the kitchen timer, my first time using it -.-) for each side before turning over and repeating the same step.
I super love the wine sauce!
Next comes the Lamb Chop, nearly more or less the same steps as the beef above except no gravy. Rosemary lambchop served with lettuce n cherry tomatoes, garnished with a sprinkle of lemon zest and finished with tangy mint sauce. And he even made the effort to cut it up for us so we didn't need to use our knives and energy.While waiting for the only dude to finish cooking, we played with the cute puppy of Karyn's lil Angel, a few weeks old Labrador puppy who sleeps alot xDNearly 2 hours later, the food was more or less ready. There you see
Audrey the pencuci pinggan
Karyn yang sentiasa ready to pose :P and kind enough to host and fetch us.
After the arduous preparation that Allen has done the day before (and all the cooking done 2 hours before), the food was ready to be E-A-T-E-N!
That's the best and most favourite part ;) To nom, nom and nom!

So with no further delay, I present:
the appetiser of the day
Bruschetta Toast with Salsa, Mushrooms & Mozzarella Cheese
crunchy crust with warm, yummy and cheesy toppings!
And for the main course:
Pasta ala Bolognaise
fresh tomatoes and meat with bacon on top
Grilled Lamb Chop
Sizzling hot rosemary lambchop cutlets served with mint sauce, lettuce and cherry tomatoes for a balanced meal :P
Drunken Steak
(I named it myself so that's why it's lame)
Succulent Steak served with red wine sauce topped with lemony parsley paste and final touch of drizzles of extra virgin olive oil, the healthy and hearty all Italian way
To end every meal, even when you are full.. is to have desserts!
(Especially since the chef already painstakingly prepare everything)
I present to you a strawberry themed- dessert
Strawberry Tiramisu Trifle
Chocolate Coated Strawberries
We LOVE our chocolated-coated strawberries! So cute, mine even got a smile! At last, my dream for having a satisfying (in terms of both my tastebud and stomach) Western meal has came true.

All of this is only possible, thanks to Mr Allen Goh here (who is single).
So if any of you girls out there enjoys eating yet despise cooking, you know what to do ;)Another BIG thank you to Allen for the scrumptious 5-star meal.

I'd also like to thank Karyn for fetching us back and forth. :)



  1. yum yum... wanlu is hungry...

  2. thanks for blogging(bragging =P) about it. I didn't know tht the pictures turn out to b damn nice. It makes me feel hungry at this hour!!!

    Sorry i'm not to complain but let me help u to name things more appropriately n add bliss n more expertise in explanation...

    Bruschetta Toast with Salsa, Mushrooms & Mozzarella Cheese.

    Lemon Zest rather than calling it lemon skin

    Succulent Steak served with red wine sauce, topped with parsley lemon zest, finished with drizzles of extra virgin olive oil

  3. oh ya.... It's called Strawberry Tiramisu Trifle...

    Let me make some Chocolate Truffles for u to try so tht u get a better idea of what dessert truffles are =)

    trifle n truffles are different....

  4. Cute Labrador :-) I have one at home too...

  5. OMG, now I'm hungry! The food looks so good and I bet the future gf of that guy is soooooo lucky!

  6. Wow lucky girls! Your guy friend can surely whip up a good meal!

  7. You friend, Allen is good !! That Strawberry Trifle looks amazing. I'm sure it tasted amazing too !

    Is he a real chef ? Or culinary student ?

  8. Looks frikkin delicious!! :D

  9. @jumei, he is neither a real chef nor a culinary student.. more like a "learn it yourself" guy xD

  10. oh my, everything looks delicious!! hungry~