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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Warning: To those Muslims out there, you can click the top right X as this blog post's content is rather "non-halal".

Yesterday Jesslyn celebrated her birthday in advanced at the "great"which was located at Sunway Mentari, you can google it yourself yourself if you are interested as I am NOT gonna advertise for this place. It is Western-themed pork specialized restaurant owned by a Chinese family.

This is the pretty birthday girl. I pity the fact that she had rush left and right busy trying to serve us and making sure we were comfortable and all while getting busted by the boss. How is that possbile when she already provided 4 long tables filled with customers for him? Beats me.
Her "healthy" cake (took from Facebook :P)
Group picture of the sub-zone present (also snatched from Facebook)
Ether YiZhe was also there to join us after he was back from Scotland for summer break ^^Moving on to the fiesta,
Grilled Pork Belly with coleslow and mashed potato as its side dishes
Grilled Pork Ribs
Angel hair pasta with bacon or grilled sausages.
Fish and chips. Sausage and mashed potato
The above food looks absolutely tantalizing doesn't it? It actually does taste as well as it looks. Guess what, BellyGood even has its own Facebook page, how "in" is that?!

Honestly speaking, the restaurant could become more famous and perhaps have more branches elsewhere IF only the service was better.

I mean, Which boss wanna go scold customer to get out? And keep asserting that the customer ordered wrongly.(I'm sure we as customers know what we order as it is what we wanted to eat) And mostly, swear the infamous 4 letter words!

That is absolutely atrocious and downright embarassing.

As if it wasn't bad enough that you deny "I'm sure that you ordered the fish and chips just now" even when the customer has already emphasized that it was not what she ordered.

You had to go and "If you'd like to cause more trouble, please leave. F*** you!"

Where has all the business ethics gone to?

You don't just shoo your customer outta your restaurant just cause you had a bad day.

You can't simply blame others ESPECIALLY CUSTOMERS on your own mistake just cause you're busy and mistook the order (if not how to boost and expand your business when you can't even handle 1 little shop which is fully packed)

As far as I remember, customers are always right!

For this case, she was REALLY innocent. She just wanted a fine meal with friends. Why would she wanna cari pasal with you? It makes no sense indeed.

It's good enough that there is a kind soul who is willing to order the extra food that was ordered yet unclaimed.

Perhaps you can consider having stress and anger management, it's highly important when dealing with customers of all sorts.

I know it isn't righteous to bombard someone where the whole world can see, but if the truth is hidden... then more people might get the same consequences.

P.S: BellyGood has apologized (as they should).

Let's just hope the lesson is learnt and never repeated.


  1. i like pork. kill the pig, cook it, and eat. yum yum.

  2. drop by! Should let you guys play the icebreaker CHARADE games I've prepared grrr! well take care and see u yeah :)

  3. the boss is quite a "belly-good" guy... and the food is nice to swallow... :D

  4. wow if the boss like that. i suggest you all boycott the place to make a point. bad service can really spoil the dinner experience

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  5. hey, you noe ying xuan too...i know her from pre-u studies...hahahaha...

  6. Whoa, super rude fella. Ruin the restaurants reputation

  7. That looks really goood but the service sounds like a real turnoff !

  8. OMG, seriously? Should complain that shop to the pengguna tribal thingy HAHAHA