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Saturday, May 1, 2010


A couple of us P109-ers went to kick balls play futsal recently at Cheras. By us, I'm referring to MayHwa, ChiewVien, Joeryn, Jolene, MunYee, KaiChi, ZYee, Jyun, FuiWei, WaiLing, Visha, KaiXin, Sophia, KahLian and I. Plus RenYi being the only guy xD.

So who says being a pharmacy student's life is boring?
We do extra-curricular activities on our own too ok.

Before play must warm up to POWER UP! (lame kan?)
A couple of us during half time.
The girls attacking the only guy in action.
She is the"superwoman"!
Superwoman KaiXin with all of us darkness around her xD
After all the kicking, falling down and sweating, we all headed to Baskin Robbins at Leisure Mall to have 2 scoops of ice-cream for the price of one! Ofcourse must show your pink item to get the discount (but that's no biggie since I see alot of us having pink stuff that day)
Then we headed to Subway to fill up our tummies and were quickly left with empty pieces of Subway papers.
Creating stars just like the good ol' times. Ours seem like a hexagon!
Scary MayHwa, KaiChi and Jolene
Some of us camwhores~
That more or less ends the futsal trip (though I must admit that I am a super-futsal noob player). Had a great time exercising with the rest xD It was fun! Next time play captain ball! Who wants??


  1. Yoh! My leg super itchy ady! So long din play, I also wanna play la! Next time bring me along ya. Haha.

  2. i never played futsal before.. well it looks Fun and sweaty! LOL

  3. wa...seldom see girl play futsal ler @@~

  4. god i miss playing futsal. my team mates are either too old, too fat or both. haih...

  5. you study pharmacy???
    ha,this is first time i saw got girls played futsal