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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Dream Destination

This post will be all about my dream destination...

Since young I have always dreamt about going to Japan. I'm sure a lot of you out there have been there but poor pitiful me has yet to visit. I'm sure most of the girls out there would like to visit that country too. It is all due to several reasons such as the cool climate, the beautiful mother-nature scenery (like sakuras which can be seen at the Cheeserland. you can find there alongside the lovely bustling night view of the cities in Japan which never sleeps.

Other than that, we must all recognize that Japan is starting to lead the rest of us Asian countries as a fashion icon with all the uprising fashion brands from that country. Not forgetting all the makeup they produce just to make us girls drool in wonder. So I wanna go there and shop till I drop since there are so many items over there that are not available here in Malaysia.

Besides that, Japan is a country from which anime has arise from, the creation of cartoons that are a fusion of both Asian and Western features. You gotta give it to the Japanese to come up with such ideas.

Have I forgotten that it's also the country from which sushi and all-food-I-love originated? So I'd be able to go there and taste the original nom nom there!

Please please please! I wanna go Tokyo and Kyoto!

However, there is no need to fret for me and the rest of those who wish to travel because MAS has decided to provide us with a solution...please visit for more information!

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  1. CooL! I wanna go to Japan oso! :D
    Good Luck!

  2. i hope to go to japan one day! =D

  3. JAPAN !!!!
    i wan to go so much >>.<< ❤

  4. i just came back from japan a few weeks ago.
    it's a nice place but too bad the food's not spicy ~ Haha !

    after i came back from there, i'm like.. deprived for chilli ~ LOL

    and i'm heading to Hokkaido next month !