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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jogging Can Be Mac Farm

Now I shall bring all of you on a sight-seeing journey to show you that jogging can be fun too, with the right place, right time and right companion ;) I went to the MacFarm (I call it that anyway) which was kinda near my home (P.S: It's at Brunei again) The first time I went there with my siblings which are my bro and 2 sis. However I didn't bring my picture as I didn't expect that place to be so interesting. The good news is I went there the second time with my dad and 2 sis (the bro was lazy so dad decided to tag along as Mr. Bodyguard xD)

2 huge watermelons greeted us at the entrance :DYou can spot my dad and his 2 little angels walking deep into the "jungle"
We passed by a greenhouse with a large green chili haha
Continue walking/jogging/running and you'll spot this! To makesure that you are in the right country.
All types of plants being cultivated!
Ostriches here to say "hi"! I love em ostrich cause they are just so interactive, they keep following us everywhere we go(from the pent of course)! The first time I came, there were 2 ostriches making love trying out their reproduction skills in front of us! Free porno? LOL But sadly I didn't bring my cammie with me that time.
See~ It even knows how to camwhore with me!
The relatives of the ostrich, the scary-looking emus
and the proud rheas
We even spotted a cute looking shed nearby!
That below, my a hornless bull from SpainBrunei
Can you see the poor little baabaa white sheeps below? Locked up in their little stilt house for the day. Maybe scared of being stolen or eaten or something.
I spotted a pumpkin house!
There was an aviary too. That place kinda stink of all kinds of bird poo. Little white chickens!
Little sis and I
Water lily in the little man made pond
A close up to show the beauty of it
Moi over here has a very round face -.-Charlie's Daddy's little angels (taken by him)

A herd of deers can be spotted too! They always "stick together team" as the CS saying goes. Yes, I know I'm being rather lame.

1 little papaya, 2 little papaya, papaya 3s!
We headed back as the sun was setting.
Final FAIL camwhore picture right back at the watermelon! LOL you can even spot my dad's car at the back
That trip has really showed me that jogging can be rather enjoyable after all. This coming from a person who dislikes jogging and thinks its boring (partly due to the fact that she has no stamina as well)



  1. you stay in brunei?sabah?sarawak??

  2. hmm.. you're from brunei? o.O

  3. omg mothernature i luv u!!!!!!

  4. looks like a damn awesome place to jog! but worried that them ostrich might look at me funny...

  5. wow^^ wouldn't mind jogging there everyday! but i get easily distraacted ;p

  6. lol Fiona..i think u take pictures more than u jog :-P

  7. I think you got more photos than jogging. But surely is a good place to jog, compared to seeing houses all the time for me T_T....

  8. wah... since when Brunei ada such tempat ohh?? how come wanlu never know one?? lol