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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Will be away for a few days from the blogger world as I'm gonna be having exam *sigh*

Monday - Physical Pharmacy
Tuesday - Fundamental of Pharmacology
Wednesday - Biopharmacy II
Thursday - Pharmaceutical Microbiology

After that, I'll be blogging more about what's going on instead of just sharing stories from emails :)

Oh yea, and also blog about CNY at Cameron which I have procrastinated till now.buhbyee!


  1. so u r studying pharmacy?
    at where?
    for the project alpha, yea u need to be first 100.. i got mine for last week

  2. gambate!!! :D oh i got sore-throat, what should i get from the pharmacy? LOL

  3. biopharmacy? wonder what it that..
    good luck for your exam!~