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Sunday, March 21, 2010

E Night!

Do you guys out there watch E! News on TV to catch up on the latest celebrity news, gossips and fashion don'ts.... Well last week I attended City Harvest Church's own E! night :D
We were given a chop on our hand before we can enter.
Spotted! Discoball in a church :P
The first performance
Our very own Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Rancic (Asian version LOL)
Richard Tan famous for his Born to Be Wild~ Our very own Adam Lambert XD
Talented guy ( replication of R.Kelly) singing I believe I can fly. Absolutely Amazing!
But the star for the night is.....
this little boy who sang You Belong With Me by Taylor SwiftBoldly singing to a large audience
Even I was amazed (Ignore my crappy smile)
Cute max!
Guess who is she?!? It's Juwita Suwito!
Tribute to Michael Jackson

Audrey and EeWern
Jin the monster plus the rest of us :)

I'm just dumping all the pictures for the night, not much too say. Pretty much like a concert with front row 'seats' except we had to stand xD It was fun though!

taa~ ^^

Picture credit: Some were taken from Nelson Ng (stated in the picture)

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  1. ahhhh the boy so talented and cute! juwita suwito! i like! :D

    Btw, u r so photogenic~

    The CleverMunkey