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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cameron Highland

I promised to blog about this but have procrastinated since CNY for which I apologize profusely. Therefore now exams are over and I'm free so no more excuses, time to hit it! However, I must apologize as I will just throw whatever pics into it and they aren't in chronological order as I can't really remember much about it as time passes.

3 families went up (my relatives + mine) and we stayed at the apartment below for 4days and 3 nights (You must all be wondering...What to do for so long at Cameron?!?, I guess being in a big bunch has its pros so we can all entertain each other) The 3 roomsAfter unpacking everything, we headed off to a restaurant to eat. Gotta fill up the tummy before we begin our adventures.

Look what my bro did to the poor insect!Some of the meals. I was too hungry to snap pictures of the rest.Our first stop was the Butterfly Farm around Kea Farm area. It wasn't as big as the one in Penang so we just browse through rather quickly.
My lil sis'
This butterfly was the most common in the butterfly garden, there weren't much varieties of butterflies sadly.Spot the camouflaging winged-insect!Little pitcher plantsBut they made up for their lack of variety of butterflies by turning it into a small little zoo with reptiles.and even poultry filled with chickens, ducks, geese and even turkeys! Poor little things cooped up in smelly cages
Our next stop was the EQ Strawberry FarmMa sisRows of strawberries in little potsDad was happy with the huge juicy strawberry picks! (A tip: its more worth to buy strawberries from the market, but we were just acting all tourist-y so decided to enter and pluck some :X )
Cheese for the camera!
That was it for Day 1. Headed to the market then fueled up with some maggi mee haha

We went to a bee farm but due to my poor memory, I can't remember the specific name. The only thing I can recall was that there were quite a number of huge figurines of bees around! Googled and found out that it was Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm.
Say Hi! to Queen B.Visited the Cactus Point next. Loads of beautiful flowers.
Cactus of all sizes plus my cuz's gf backview xD
The papas' and mamas'
Us vainpots (only girls)
We even went to the Boh Tea Plantation
Seriously, the climb up there was my one and only time 'exercising' in ages!

Lush green teaThis was the machine that crushed the dried tea leaves.We had tea up there in the cool surroundings plus great scenery!
I love sconesTop it up with some hearthy mushroom soup and a cup of Teh-Tarik! Not to forget some butter cakeMe and the lil oneGroup picture (here you can see all my lengzhai and lenglui cousins)
The ones who created me ^^I'm the eldest (bro MIA)Whole family piccieWe were even free enough to do a jump shot.
Make that 2. LOL
On our final day on the way back down, we dropped by Cameron Valley Tea Plantation for a few shots. You gotta love the scenery ;)
That's about it. Decided not to go into so much details coz I know you guys won't really read it but just scan through the pictures so I'm saving both you and I all the trouble! :D


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  1. oh my god, i still remember tat cactus farm from which i stole one pot of cactus. :-P that was like 10 years ago!!