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Friday, March 26, 2010


Whee~ So happy, noob people like me can have a new layout! So can you! :) It's all simple and easy yet you get to have a layout to your liking ;) I'm a happy girl now. A BIG THANK YOU to SupiaChao for showing me the link on how to do it. *hug hug* This is the link she showed me.

Before this I never even knew the existence of the draft at How noob is that?!? Oh well, you can't blame a newbie can you? I feel that it's less complicated compare to the previous one where you can't really focus on the blog content. But the PINK essence is still here :)

Now all the noobs in the world can have pretty layouts the easy way! Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. wahhh! the new layout is pinkier than the older one.. hehe.. :)

  2. You are welcomed.. I like this layout.. Nice..
    Friends must share good things.

  3. it gave me a very sweet feeling.. very nice ☺