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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Susilo ends teenagehood

Last Sunday, Sophia, KahLian, PeiYin, YeeLin and I went to surprise Audrey with cakes and prezzies :D

BIG smile for the camera! *cheese*

The pretty cake :)
After that we had dinner at a seafood restaurant at Kepong famous for its yummylicious crabs.
That's the name of the restaurant. I don't mind going there again next time :)

Happy birthday girl with wide grin wearing her sexy new top ;p
We got there in 2 different cars as Sophia had to fetch YeeLinto Digital Mall to get her laptop fixed.

While waiting for them to come, the rest of us filled ourselves with the absolutely-deelish-tofu-soup. Tastes like those sharkfin soup except its much cheaper AND kinder to the sharks out there.
while our mouths salivated at the sight of other food as below:
tofu! I love, I love it to the max!!!
Creamy butter crab. Taste so good that its worth the extra carbs gained.A meal won't be complete with only we added potato leaves to stabilise our diet (ok am talking nonsense here)
Not to forget,
the crabs wont be complete without the mantao below.
Fried mantao crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
Steam mantao- for those who prefer the healthier alternative to the fried mantao haha
Increase crab size picture for u all to see, I know I'm not a pro photographer but the food is making me salivate now!!!
Birthday girl and I ^^
Group pic! :D all of us happy with our contented stomachs.

That day marks the day the Susilo turns 20. MUAHAHHAHAHA!!! no longer a teenager :P

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