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Friday, February 5, 2010


Super happy!

Just back from our Malaysian Studies project which is a drama which I have advertised weeks ago.

Things went smoothly and everyone had fun which is a good thing. We had spare from our budget so there was even meals for everyone, nasik lemak, curry chicken, mee and drinks of your choice. ^^

Didn't really take much pics overall though, just a short cam-whoring session with my peeps. When pictures are up on facebook where I can steal AND if I have the time and mood, will blog all about the play :)

Some random pictures from just now to make sure that the blog doesn't seem so empty.

Packets of nasi lemak
Besties plus the soon-to-be superstar Azleen
no flashwith flash

a KANASAI picture of me for you to remember. HAHAHA laugh along with me, will ya?!?


  1. hahahaha laugh at u !!!!! juz joking...

  2. hahaha.. nice one, never see you smile like tat before... AWESOME wei =)