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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presentation Perfection

Ever wished that you could give the perfect presentation? No flaws and just blow people's minds away? Well, I'm not an expert in this department but here are some tips that I've just learnt about giving a proper presentation. (FYI, my presentation went badly. I couldn't even answer the questions the lecturer asks, that's how nervous I am... until I forgot about everything!

Anways, back to the point.

To give a purr-fect presentation or at least 99% perfection since you gotta be a God to have a 100%, one has to:

1. Buck up in the language department! Cut the colloqial language (bah, la, ,ma etc) and DON'T use the short forms (kinda, wanna etc)

2. Speak with a clear, calm and loud tone. That's hard when you are having butterflies in your stomach. A good tip would be to take deep breaths right before your presentation, it helps :) Do not speak softly like a mice or as if you are talking to yourself. BE CONFIDENT!

3. Smile! Such a simple yet important thing to do. I'm sure you guys out there do not want to scare your audience with a frown or grumpy face.

4. Do not speak in a monotonous tone or the crowd will usually tend to doze off.

5. Read well before presenting. Back up your knowledge regarding the topic of presentation so that you will not appear as a fool when you present!

6. If you have not prepared well, at least act professional and give sensible answers and comment instead of being like the chicken below!

The above is what you can do when you are giving your speech, next will be the slides:

7. Keep things simple and concise. No point using bombastic words. Although it might inflate your ego, the crowd would either not understand a thing you say and feel lowly about themselves OR they'll just curse you for being an airhead.

8. Use less words on a single slide, try to put some relevant pictures instead. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" plus its more interesting for the audience.

9. Everything comes in moderation: This applies to the words, colours used and pictures.

10. Use attractive colours that are pleasing to the eyes. Avoid using florescent colours/white background or having a dark font/dark background combination.

11. Animations and sound effects. It's a good way to keep your fellow audience from dozing off.

12. Use the space on the slide wisely. Do not cram everything up into 1 slide.

With that, I wish all of you the best of luck in your upcoming presentation (if any).

Don't worry. It takes experience to mould the person for the better. And fyi, my presentation was horrible just. I haven't read enough so I was unprepared. PLUS my slides were all BLUE. Not that I have anything against blue. Sigh~

On a side note, I had economic rice just and ordered chicken, vegetables and tofu. But to my surprise, I bit on egg shells while eathing them. WEIRD MAX!


  1. nice tips.. made me think of the presentations i made during uni times.. =P

  2. wahhh.. but 5 mins is just enough to present, not enough to do all the animation things..

  3. i was scolded cuz of adding sound effect and moving graphics, hahaha , but others tips are great!

  4. Great tips xD Very important for college life.

  5. some comments..on the point no.1...oh well..for my case ..i do not like to use 100% formal language..adding some 'wanna' etc..I like less formal presentation to create a friendly atmosphere..well that's not the case in a company presentation though..only in uni times ..hehe