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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flowers Galore

I'm sure most of us out there enjoyed our Chinese New Year, unless we're overseas and away from our dear families.

I've spent my Chinese New Year up at Cameron Highland with my relatives. It's fun to be out in a huge group :D

Breath in the fresh cold air, eating good food with the increased in appetite due to the 'colder' weather compared to that in Melaka (which seems to be slightly hotter than KL if you ask me!) look at all the plants and stuff ( something out of the norm compared to life in the city with all the hustle and technology)

Just here for a short update to show some pictures of pretty flowers which I saw on my trip :)

and finally....Ta-Daa! Don't worry, it ain't mine... but just couldn't resist snapping a pictures. Love em roses in a light pink shade.

Next up will be more details on my Cameron (Strawberry Land) trip :)

*hint on the picture below*

oh so juicy (8)

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