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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrities Spotted

Celebrities Fann Wong (范文芳) and Christopher Lee (李铭顺) were spotted yesterday at *place shall not be named*.

OMG, I was walking into the toilet without realizing that Fann Wong was right in front of me!!! How much dumber could I get -.-" Must be her 'celebrity-hiding-from-public' look. But she looks so pretty up near, gosh~ her looks blew me away; the soft white smooth skin, her huge eyes and perfect manicure. She seem kinda tall up close too, and she was just wearing sneakers @.@ Both her and Christopher Lee are like super tall and good-looking! I guess that's what you get outta models-turned-actors. the looks, the money, the glory and fame.

They were there with his relatives for a little family-get-together for CNY so my sis and I didn't dare to go ask for autograph or picture or many others might come running after them.

Sorry for the lousy-resolution pics and back-shots. Didn't dare to let them see us taking pictures of them. It's up to you to decide if its really them in the pictures :)

From my sis camera.
Zoomed in from her cam.Them eating at a restaurant with the rest of the family.Here you can clearly see it is him.
P.S: If you don't believe the pics above or think that am fibbing a story, its fine :) coz me myself know the truth! You just gotta trust me.