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Monday, December 21, 2009

Off we go to Putrajaya

The first day of my short Christmas break! The bf & I went to Putrajaya by train. For those of you who don't know the way, be grateful that I am here to give you step-by-step directions plus budget allowance. My first time going there :)
But I'm sure the majority
1. wouldn't bother to go there
2. have car hence need not use public transport

First, we rode LRT to Tasik Selatan. RM1
Us showing our pearly smiles(Yes, we will never get to do toothpaste commercials)
From there, we rode the KLIA transit straight to Putrajaya. That'll cost you Rm5.30.

Camwhore while waiting for the train.
In case of fire!
Inside the super "yeng" LRT, high class to the max

Smile for the cam again :D
We soon reached Putrajaya 15minutes later. The train station was so spacious, me likey. It started to rain shortly after that.
Spot me!
Waited for the bf's friend, namely KenHon plus his girlfriend, Sabrina. The whole purpose of said trip was to meet them. After they arrive, then the 4 of us took a cab costing Rm13 to Alamanda Mall. The place is not bad BUT it was over-filled with Malays! Not that I'm a racist or anything, but we seem to be some extinct species over there, it was rather weird not seeing anyone of your own kind. Oh yes, one or two here and there, but that was it sadly.

Wanted to buy some stuff to for BBQ but didn't in the end due to bad weather conditions. Went to yam-cha at Old Town and window shopped after that. Had dinner at Kenny Rogers. (Love the mash potatoes + muffins there hehe) then we went on our own separate ways.

The bf got this pair of cool looking sandals, great buy.
Love this pretty ring~ But it cost Rm12+ so I'm still wondering whether it's worth buying.
Say bye bye to Alamanda while waiting for the bus.
The lightings make me look like a freaky human species o.O
Bus ride back to the LRT station only cost 50cents!

Might head back to Putrajaya again for kayaking or biking someday when the weather is finer.

That's all for now peeps,


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