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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday WanLu Dear

Dear PurpleFreak,
Here I am sacrificing and scraping out old pic to the framless spects/bad hair era back to the time when I just knew you ages ago. hehe

The one who caught my eyes with her huge eyes and long lashes.
The one with the kind heart and helping hand.
The social butterfly who mingle 100x better than I do.
My badminton partner
The one who transformed with me post HSC and became more vain hehe.
My roommate

Cheers to the girl who have grown out of her sport attire and sport shoes into ladylike attires :P
hehe to you growing older (still younger than me xD), wiser and leading a better life filled with happy memories and joyous times.

You are officially invited to join the 21gang. LOL
Enjoy your special day with your family and dearest WeiRen.
I wish I was there!
Stay pretty and happy, my love.
Catch up with you more real soon :)


1 comment:

  1. thank you so much!!! I saw some of my ugly photos there.. lol... how sweet, miss all our old memories back in high school and HSC...
    Thanks for everything too... missing you lots n lots here... wish u're here to celebrate with me too.. <3 <3