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Friday, October 14, 2011

eat to get fat

I'd like to welcome yous to view the cooking-eating-potluck marathon.

Firstly I'd like to present the contestants!

*deng deng deng deng*

F10's talented chefs:
Esther. PayYing. Irene. SiewChui

Along with E9's Audrey. KahLian. me
Eat finish all the food we cooked
Consisting of
Mixed Vege Omelette
Chicken Wings
Sweet and Sour Shrimps
Baked Wedges
Cabbage with dried shrimps
Tomyam Fried Rice
Marmite Pork
Longbean and chicken
Sweet and sour chicken
To sum all the dishes up in a plate that hopefully delight your palate. :P
Apologies for the food at the back being blur as 'background'
We all had to take more than 1 round to finish em' up
We FAILED! there were still abit food left, but just a wee bit still not bad :)

What's dinner without dessert?
Thanks for the yummy Swiss Roll baked by LiYing. and to dear F10 for sharing with us.

I get fat; I fake sad
hehe~ kidding. have a nice day guys!

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