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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pharmacists-soon-to-be went pub-ing

Pharmacists are supposed to be professionals right?
But they're just humans who wanna have a little harmless fun once in awhile,
So a group of students organized a little pub crawl where we had to ride a great double decker bus ( there were 3 in total, so you imagine how MANY of us went) and went from 1 pub to another, 5 in total. A few of our lecturers came along as well. Everyone was supposed to be dressed in golf attire to follow the theme.

It's the time where you see girls wearing skirts/shorts eventhough the temperature was half of Genting.

Huge bus with lotsa people bound to get drunk in the end.
This was the plan,
you head to a place and drink the drinks stated to score more points, all in the aim to get wasted. :P
All the different hair colours and skin tones mixing together to have a great time.
Just imagine being in a bus with happy-hyper ang mohs singing away songs that you never knew?
This place is called Frankenstein or Frankies for short.
Hence you'll expect someone to visit, and it's none other than
Frankenstein the man himself! Must be all prepped up for Haloween.
Happy IMU people going "yummmmm... seng" and the westerners are mimicing the same, we make such an influence ;)
Glitter Bomb down in the tummies.
Everyone happy mingling together. Picture courtesy of EeChing.
At a different pub.
The pretty ones. :)
Girls in black, that's what I mean by people wearing dull coloured clothes here :P
Drinking doesn't just fill the tummy so it's time to have an after-party midnight snack...
of chicken donner and fries :P

Would love to provide more pictures and information but some things are best left unsaid. :)

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  1. girl.. not cold arh?? can tahan de weather there d?? =D