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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chillers down her spine

Winter is near.
Today is the coldest amongst all days I've been here so far, it even reached -2 degrees. zZz.
I headed out early in the morning at 8am to the car boots sale (kinda like garage sale) with Farrah, Sophia, GaikCheng, MayHwa, ChiewVien, AlexLeong, SiuTheng and Faiz.

There were lots of stuff over there, totally worth waking up in the early morning for. You can see people bargaining for cheap 2nd hand items, fresh fruits and meat available at a reasonable price. The only downside was the super cold weather. The cold weather made some parts of the road slippery, so if you're not're gonna end up *whoops* on the ground. To protect yourself from that, I suggest you carry a backpack stuffed with a pillow. And wear THICK leggings for extra protection. :D

We get to breath out cold vapour which makes us look like we're all smoking xD

It's the first time we saw ice in the form of frost, well not really snow but glittery like nice like picture shown below, ain't fungus ok!
Some of them kena snapped by paparazzi also won't know.

Those who went with the exception of Farrah and SiuTheng who were still bargain hunting.
GaikCheng, whom I snatched the picture above from xD
On a side note, it's my first time walking around in the city alone. And it's simply invigorating! ;)


  1. wow~~ nice~~ miss you both also..
    weeifoong, I'm waiting for your snowing paper <3