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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd week of class

The stress is rubbing onto me!

Those ang mohs are damn smart and makes us IMUans look pretty dumb, specially during lab sessions where they open their mouth and all the words just come out confidently without a stutter.

We all gotta adjust to the weather, the culture, the way people speak while catching up with our studies, "great" indeed.

Audrey is coming here later so whopee~

I need a windbreaker to shelter me from the cold wind and rain.

I need pretty boots to keep my feet warm.

I have broken a record of eating 6 thick slices of white bread yesterday and having milk nearly everyday I am here, on the high way towards getting F-A-T. Not forgetting all the pastas I have ingested.

But it's alright, I'll be going off to the gym now to tackle em all.

Till my next update,


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