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Monday, August 16, 2010

Daorae-Korean BBQ

I'm very certain that there will be quite a number of food reviews regarding Daorae, a Korean BBQ restaurant but this will be written in my point of view. As for those who went to this place with me *ahem* I know its dated quite some time back.
I like the unique slim metal chopsticks and long spoon they had
Lettuce anyone?
There is this vent thing right from the ceiling which sucks in all the smoke and smell from the BBQed food. It is extendable as you can see from the pictures below.
There is a wide range of meat available for BBQ which differs in price as well.
Chicken. Beef. Lamb.Pork.
We even ordered this Eastern style "pancake" which is rich in egg and colourful vegetables.
Spicy looking noodles to tempt you?
But sadly the noodles are the cheap maggi-mee type :P Still taste good though.
Anyone wanna sample??
What I love most about Daorae other than their nice ambience is the wide range of appetizers available to excite our tastebuds with various texture and taste:
Ta-daa~ Alot leh~
Let's not forget the complimentary watermelon as "pencuci mulut"
The ones who nommed till their stomachs wanna explode!
My E21 family hehe

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