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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So everyone blogs for various reasons...

To let out all their emotions on their little electronic diary.

To share their skills in terms of tutorials.

To share their knowledge regarding something, be it products, healthcare and tips on ways to lead a better lifestyle.

To let out their inner-self and creativity which they can't seem to project in real life.

To keep their precious moments with their loved ones, be it their spouse/bf/gf, family or friends so it will never be forgotten and there is always something to look back on.

To make themselves more popular? Since Internet is an essential in our daily staple diet in the modern era, blogging proves to be a way to make oneself famous be it through righteous or scandalous ways.

To earn more money. It's a known fact, blogging brings in monetory benefits too.

Some people blog regarding specific things, some just ramble on about their lifes or feelings.

What about me?

It's all jumbled up, a little of this and that. I know it's time I focus on something and improve in it.
After all, we know that you can't be perfect in every area. Most professional sport players out there focus on a sport and excel in it. If they were to spend time trying to be good at everything, they would just be average for all of it since they get to spend less time in focusing on each.

But I guess, I'll just stick to being the plain ol' salt of the sea for now.

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  1. nice...i blog so i can show my travel pictures to friends and families back home :) its a update for them about my life and telling my parents that im spending their money to travel :)