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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Rambling

Imma just post some pictures to show you random moments of these few days!
Did my nails :) Just a simple pink base with some glitter for the bottom half of the nail. Both nail polish are from the Faceshop.
This is my little sister thinking she is some KanGaRoo!
Oh! and this is my beloved Jacky :) Mama named it Jacky so he has a human name xD He's already 11years old. But still look so cute right?? But he always looks so emo since Hunter (my black labrador) died. =(
Last weekend went to attend a malay wedding, this was what I wore. Love the pretty floral designs :) It was so hot that day, sadly didn't have any Adidas Anti-Perspirant to rescue me.
See, even my neck kena sunburnt! Put sunscreen forgot to put there -.- So this is a cautionary tale for you guys out there, DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR NECK!
Back kena but front fair still, WTH!
See how obvious? Like vanilla and chocolate layer -.-
No! I am not a mum! This cute little kid belongs to a family friend. 4 months old only yet seldom cry unless hungry. Somemore always can smile and laugh. So adorable!Busy with a lot of stuff lately so noon won't really be on Innit.

Just incase any of you guys forget me! Super flash! Makes me look super fair till looks fake xD

Yes I know I act cute eventhough look horrible. What to do? Don't tell me wanna wait till old only regret meh?? *giggles like some kinda bimbo* Now I got many vain-ass pics of myself!


  1. lol sunburn is GOOD got more Vitamin and also in the future hard to get sunburn

    For me even i get sunburn in 1 week everything gone -_-

  2. wow.. sunburn ar.. painful oh.. =/

  3. Yikes! Sunburnt! Get well :/ BTW, nice nail colour!

  4. Sunburnt so pain! I got them once on both of my hips. Terrible feelings. Get well soon! :)


  5. Nice nail :)
    And ouch at that sunburn >_<

  6. love the nails^^ and the baby looks hungry^^ NOM!
    Ouch~ carefull wih sunburn, skin cancer~

  7. I have to admit I am a faceshop face mask user (dont judge). May i recommend collagen or lavender one? :D

  8. u got patient to color ur nails... =)

  9. Not to forget to apply sunblock at the back.