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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wonders of Balloons

You think being a balloon man is a lame job? Think further! Balloons can also be an object or art, or in this case, FASHION! It all depends on your creativity :)

See the pretty dress below made of balloons, wear it out and I can guarantee you that you'll stand out and be the unique one. But I suggest you wear something inside first JUST IN CASE the balloons burst or something xD
I wanna be a sea-creature!

Butterfly front!
Butterfly back!
Even guys get to dress up :) as ugly monsters HAHAHAThe below two looks simply elegant all ready for prom!

Let the sea creatures unite!!!
*Woot* me likey! it's in pink n white!!
All heared up for CNY! Complete with lantern!
I simply adore this dress! Magnificent!!!Attack!!!!
Even the T-Rex skeleton can be made, how cool is that??

So think back, are balloons still boring and only for little kids now??


  1. haha.. the dinosaur especially.. cute =)

  2. Lady gaga should wear it one day. :)

  3. I like the seventh pic....the gown made of balloons... :)

  4. amazing~!!!
    how they did it?
    well talented bunch lehhh~