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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Does anyone knows how to get one motivated to study?
End of semester is coming in 2 weeks time. I've only started studying a few days and already felt all the energy and motivation drained from me. It's like I lost the will and strength to continue studying for the next 2 weeks and THIS IS BAD. I'm starting to wave the white flag up in the air in surrender.

So, what do to?!? HELP ME!!! I've gotta get fear instilled in me to push me to study. gah~


  1. at 3.45am lagi...geng lah you...don't wave the white flag so fast lah...still got must 'ga yao' =)

  2. audrey, that thing sot 1. It always state d time of more den 12hours compared to the time I blog LOL

  3. dun care so much concentrate and study for 24hrs a day!!!! hahahaha good luck!

  4. I normally give myself some reward if I managed to study certain chapter. Like ice-cream if I finish revise 1 chapter. Depends on what reward you wanna give yourself.

    If not you can try mind control over body. Clean your desk, put away your laptop, put only books around you, turn off your phone and start studying. By force, only can turn on phone and laptop after finish study.

    Depends you want the sweet way or the bitter way. Perhaps both.

  5. I usually motivate myself to study by thinking that I'm privileged to even have the opportunity to study in the first place. Many don't even :). I always tell myself "study hard, or one day end up on the street! What's it gonna be Chika?" (which is my name :P)

    If you want to study but can't get in the right mood for it, I suggest you play little games to memorize stuff you've gone through and then see if you get in the mood to study :)