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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stop this

I just read an email regarding child abuse and decided to write this poem down, it ain't excellence but its something I created.

I saw a little girl,
as timid as could be,
like a mouse in the field,
hoping to be unseen.

She heard a car alarm sound,
A slam of the car door,
Her face turned pale,
As she heard her name being called.

She walked with care,
for fear of being hurt,
wishing everything would be alright,
But little did she knew that she's in for a rough night.

"Don't run, you little runt",
Yelled the mad, half drunk man in front of her,
He tried to catch and spank her,
But was stopped by all the brave onlookers.

Came a police car,
In mighty blue and white,
Sent the man off,
To a place called prison.

She told me this story,
Of how mama just disappeared,
And papa was always behaving that way since,
Till she ran away from kindy.

Afraid she was,
To ever be hurt again,
She was puzzled,
As how her hero has became her nightmare.

Stop child abuse,
And let the misery,
Help the innocent,
And rescue them from their times of darkness.


  1. im so against child abuse! they deserve to be treated the right way.. =)

  2. stop child abuse :) come support ....

  3. recently,a baby with only 5 months died because of abuse by the parents.Sodomized, and killed. I cannot imagine how, can this world turned to be so cruel to child.

    stress is not an excuse of hitting and abusing the child. Because, that's the age that they will grown up. A bad environment will seriously affecting the child's mental development. Abuse is going to ruin the child's life.

    Never try to give a mercy to those "ANIMALS" that abuse their child. Lodge the report to protect the children.