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Sunday, January 17, 2010

P110 Orientation

I was totally busy for the whole of last week just for the orientation for our juniors P110. This post tells my part of the orientation with my group, but for the overall picture, please visit KaiXin's blog :D help increase traffic flow of her blog at the same time xD

We met up the whole batch in Tuesday 5th Feb. I must say, their batch is simply humongous, plus they had more guys than my batch which is just a measly 1/4 of the whole class.

Sophia, Kelly and I were the Orientation Officers of the same team. The mobile OOs were Chandni, Julia and YeeSheun. The juniors then named our group Bumblebee. The might sound lame and insignificant, but boy did we show the rest what the bees are made of :)

The team consisted of:
1. Alson
2. Tony
3. Adeline
4. Sze Min
5. Jia Wen
6. Hwee Mien
7. Michelle

Other than being busy during the nights for the events below, we were also busy during day as we had Signature Hunt where we had to get the signatures of as many people as possible, alot of which involves doing funny tasks like taking pictures, singing, dancing and others.

One of which is Alex's task; duck walking. Quack quack quack~

Day1: Treasure Hunt (Friday 8/1)
We were all shown a video and had to run around the IMU basement parking, basketball court and family park. We had to stop at each stations to complete tasks, and at the same time, receive our "punishment" of flour, chinese ink and garlic water. Everyone was so enthu that we managed to reach the IMU the first.

Here we are looking all clean.

Day 2: Meet the Outcasts (Monday 11/1)
We had to sell food for charity fund raising during our lunch break. Tiring. Managed to catch up with Audrey, PeiYin and KahLian for some gossip session after that. Absolutely fun.

Night time was costume time! The juniors had to dress up according to their assigned dress code. Sophia and I were being all enthu and decided to become mascots.

2 adorable-looking bumblebees (perasaan sendiri) :) don't cha agree?
A piccie with Farrah where I had to wear the rainbow afro since she wanted to become a cute little fairy. OH! and I just realized Safwan is in the background!
Align CenterThe bumblebees doing some kinda weirdo dance :X
My group members! Except Ejinq but since he was with us most of the time, you could count him in as well. Spot Batman, a victim, devil, Siamese twins, vampire and a horseman!
The Siamese twins who stole the spotlight that night!
Attack! I personally like Sophia's way of attacking...butt sting! HAHAHA
Lastly, a picture of a witch, opps..I mean horseman whose horse has a sting for a tail.

Day 3: Project Runway- Green the Runway (Tuesday 12/1)
All of us had to select a guy and girl model to represent us in showing prom attires that portrays the Go Green theme well. Hence, plastic bags, newspapers, paper cups and plates, bottle caps etc were used.

It was also SzeMin's 20th birthday.

The vice of the group showing her pearly smile.

Which reminds me of which, do we look like twins?? A lot of people say we look kinda alike. Come to think of it, we do look abit like sisters O.O
At night,

Mamak Mee
Bumblebee :)
Super Mighty Lion
Donkey Kong
I didn't have any pics of Boom boom boom!

Group pic after the junior's hardwork in making a fantastic costume! See our nice bumblebee flag. :D my juniors are uber artistic ok!

Another group pic without Sophia cause she was late that time. Had a car accident, but luckily everything is fine.
Another picture of the good-looking models :)
Pictures of all the models.
After that we had mini games!

Day4: Detective Game (Wednesday 13/1)
The day where we had to get all dirty and tired running around the family park completing tasks in order to obtain clues to identify the culprit. The poor juniors had egg on them. Gross~

Day 5: Rock the Stage (Thursday 14/1)
We had to dressed as Classical Inspirations. Hence you can see characters like Mozart, the fat lady, a piano, ballerina and violinist. Plus the 2 cute little bumblebees that day. And Ejinq and I being the only undressed ones.
We had a telematch after that and those of us who reached LT2 vained around abit.
After a tiring whole week, it was time for us to treat ourselves so we headed to the nearest mamak stall to treat ourselves while chit-chatting after the Telematch.

The juniors :)

Day 6: High School Reunion (Friday 15/1)
Can also be known as Finale Night where all of us had to dress up as high-school-ers be it normal students, cheerleaders, basketball players, prefects etc. It can be from any part of the world :)

While walking to uni, met up with JiaHui and KhengKai and they insisted on snapping a picture with the Japanese stripster. I don't even look like one :( Wanted to wear black heels but didn't have any. So there goes the bright silver pumps instead.
We have all officially graduated from Bumblebee Academy xD
See, we even have badges :) thanks to JiaWen and SzeMin for making em'.
My bruised knee which is blue-black due to a game we had the night before which involves stepping on balloons around the other person's ankle.There was performances like dances, songs, cheerleading and even a sketch. Plus, we get to have a proper meal that night.

We long to be back in high school!Daniel ah, why your smile seems so sad?Oh oh oh, and I met someone froom Saint Andrew's School. No wonder the guy look slightly familiar, I was wondering where have I seen him. hmm~ But I still haven't caught his name till now. I only took a picture of his back, sad right??
Then it was time for prize giving.

Best OO: me! was kinda shock coz I don't think I deserve it.
Best group cheer: Boom boom boom
Best male freshie: Sean from Boom boom boom
Best female freshie: Rachel from Kiasu
Best "Go Green" theme: Donkey Kong they deserve it, what with all the detailed explanation and they even made a handbag filled with lunch box and IC!
Best Fund-Raiser: Super Mighty Lion roar~ the group managed to obtain a profit of RM400+ for which I salute them.
Most sporting group: Bumblebee
3rd place: Demons
2nd place: Boom boom boom
1st place: Bumblebee

SookYee, the best OO of P109 orientation passing the hamper to me :)
Ridhwan with bumblebee! For most sporting. There is another pic with the trophy but it's somewhere in Facebook xDAudrey (the illegal OO) and I with our trophy! Passed down from BimboChics lastyear. hehe~ Two years in a row, how cool is that!
Lastly, to end things... my bumblebee badge. :D

I must say that the whole week is superbly tiring but it has offered me new experience and I get to know new friends too. So, overall, it's a thumbs up experience!


  1. Looks really fun^^ You look great in ur sch uniform :P

  2. Hi grand grand grand grand junior fiona :p looks great and i think you all really had fun there. i miss my orientation too. I was the vice president for P104 orientation that time. lol.