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Monday, November 30, 2009

Recently went to Midvalley for some window shopping and saw that there was a Swarovski shop there. woo~ *bling bling* so I headed in the shop and checked out all the crystals that are sold. So delicate yet gorgeous. Sigh~

Anyways, when I was halfway admiring all the crystals (my eyes also bling bling by that time) then I heard a loud
Scared the hell outta me.
I turned around and guess what I saw
1 middle aged woman holding her forehead and another woman tryin to help her up.

I guess even that woman was too interested and gan cheong till she can't wait to enter the shop
she was too stuck to the shiny ornaments on display until she didn't notice the ultra-clean display window.

I'm sure she'll forget about her headache when she enters inside though...

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